Who Is She?

Jennifer Vanilla is the entrepreneurial fantasy vessel LARP-ed into reality by Becca Kauffman, a New York City performance artist and long-standing member of art rock band, Ava Luna. Her commercial-inspired vocalizations, paired with reconstructions (or "jv edits") of 90's house tracks, are inflected with homages to Will Powers, Ann Steel, and Laurie Anderson, and provide the foundation for her comedic motivational live performances.

JV has performed at MoMA PS1, Bowery Ballroom, Elsewhere, Practice Gallery, The Sound Hole, and has a permanent residency at The Windjammer Theater in Ridgewood, Queens. She has shared bills with Yaeji, Of Montreal, YACHT, Cindy Wilson of The B-52's, Miho Hatori's New Optimism, David Liebe Hart, Julianna Barwick, Helado Negro, comedians Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, Joe Pera, Jaboukie Young-White, and Lorelei Ramirez. A contempo clown who uses attention as her business model, she'll sell you back to yourself for free. She is currently an artist in residence in Times Square.

If you're going to have a fantasy, at least make it reality. If you're going to have reality, at least make it a fantasy." - Jennifer Vanilla

JVL@b + The Jennifer Vanilla Hour

JVL@b, aka Jennifer Vanilla: Live at the Bar, is an experiential performance laboratory that takes place monthly in the secret ballroom of The Windjammer bar in Ridgewood, Queens. At once an "incubator of the avatarial arts" and a longterm community engagement project, JVL@b invites contemporary performance artists to participate in themed, one-time-only, Jennifer-tinged theatrical experiments that seek to support and creatively contextualize their work as solo artists.

Past JVL@bs include Jennifer Vanilla is a Sell Out!, a tabloid saga chronicling Jennifer's ego overdose and subsequent journey to recovery; Being Jennifer Vanilla, a jenniferized adaptation of the movie Being John Malkovich, Group Jennifer, a massive participatory group therapy session led by a phony psychologist; and Everything's Coming Up Jennifers, a vaudeville club housing a cast of melodramatic Broadway archetypes.

JVL@b is filmed for public access TV and airs as The Jennifer Vanilla Hour on Queens Public Television.

Past JVL@b performers: Crichton Atkinson, Laurel Atwell, Annie Bielski, Nat Brower, Elsa Brown, Natalie Casagran Lopez, Emily Cobb, Jessica Cook, Angelina Dreem, Gracie Gardner, Jen Goma, Michael Guardiola, Hannah Kallenbach, Iain MacNeill, Hannah Mitchell, Teeny Lieberson, Anya Liftig, Dawn Lombardi, Lily Marotta, Katie McShane, Chandler Moses, Zannie Owens, Sam Regal, Alex Schmidt, Peter Smith, Jennifer Sullivan, Tara-Jo Tashna/Dey, Alexandra Tatarsky, Samuel Boat, Poncili Creacion, Bernard Herman, S the Supplicant, Lou Tides, Sisters Weekend.

Next JVL@b: Tue Aug 7, 8pm

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* JV TV GUIDE: The Jennifer Vanilla Hour *

Third Sundays 7pm on channel 34 (Fios), 56 (Spectrum), 83 (RCN)

Third Wednesdays 4pm on channel 36 (Fios), 34 (Spectrum), 56 (RCN)

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